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Bathroom Design

Whether you want a very modern or more traditional style of bathroom, for a small, medium or large room, we’ll not only create a beautiful bathroom, but will design a room that suits your needs and is also very practical.

Although we use the very latest bathroom products and furniture, we won’t just sell you this year’s trend, we’ll design your bathroom to last decades. We carefully choose each product to create a perfect visual impact, from stunning baths to beautiful furniture and the right tiles to finish the room. We also specialise in wet rooms.

Bathroom Supply

We supply all the leading European brands from Italy, France, Germany and the UK, including Utopia, Zuchetti, Aqata, GSI, Bossini, Clearwater, The Shower Lab, Bette and many more.

You can see more brands further down this page.

Whatever your budget, we can supply you with beautiful bathroom products. We can work to a lower budget, without the drop in product quality and if you have a higher budget then possibilities are almost limitless.


We have over 50 years of installation experience between us, coupled with the skills and workmanship to ensure that your bathroom is not only unique but also fitted to the very highest of standards.

We’ll also project manage and complete everything from start to finish, from stripping out your old bathroom to completing the tiling and adding the final coat of paint to your new bathroom. And the finish on our bathrooms is stunning, that’s why most of our work is on personal recommendation.

If you are considering supplying the furniture yourself, then we are equally as happy to assist with installation only and this would also apply to any tiling projects.


Amtico flooring is a high end, luxury vinyl flooring solution that achieves the visual effects of tile, wood and stone. Amtico is equally popular for its versatility as it can be fitted on a wide variety of underfloors, from stone and concrete to timber. 70% of our bathrooms completed have Amtico installed, we can supply and fit.

Central heating power flush

During the refurbishment of your bathroom, we can carry out a Power Flush which is the only effective way of dealing with sludge build-up in a boiler and central heating system. A Power Flush will also prevent any future water quality problems occuring.


  • Radiators will heat up quicker and get hotter
  • Increase the life of your heating system
  • More energy efficient system, reduced gas bills
  • Quicker and higher hot water temperatures
  • Quieter radiators/boiler
  • More reliable, ie. less chance of breakdown

Megaflo installation

Megaflo unvented systems can supply high pressure hot and cold water to all outlets, and the increased pressures make for better quality showers, without the need for pumps or booster sets. As both hot and cold services are fed directly from the mains supply, there is no requirement for a hot water cylinder and cold water storage, thereby keeping loft spaces clear and keeping pipework to an absolute minimum. Your mains water pressure determines whether or not a Megaflo can be fitted so this will need to be tested first.

If you would like us to provide a quote for any of the above, please contact Cliff Yeardye.

Some of the bathroom brands we supply